Nightstand Essentials

Self-care is more important than ever right now. Not only am I trying to keep my body healthy to protect myself during the pandemic & continue growing my sweet babe, I’m also trying really hard to keep my mind clear & calm. Today I’m sharing a few nightstand essentials that I’ve incorporated into my daily rituals.

  1. A humidifier. There are a zillion options out there for a humidifier, but I wanted something small & aesthetically pleasing; no bulky eyesores in my zen space please! This little guy from amazon has done just the trick. I ordered one for each of our bedrooms a few months ago & have been loving them. It’s tiny, so you do have to refill it every night but it will run for 8 hours which is perfect for a night’s rest. Benefits of a humidifier include: better skin, ease irritation from a dry nose or throat, (your skin will be more hydrated as well as your nose & throat as the humidifier adds moisture to the air.), relief from sinus conditions or headaches, & there have also been a few studies that suggest sleeping with a humidifier can help ward off COVID. Obviously, this is very new research so take it with a grain of salt, but worth a shot right?? Tap here to shop the exact humidifier I’ve been using!
  2. Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask & Time Freeze Sleeping Mask. There is something about slathering on a product to soak in all night that just feels so effective & satisfying. Both of these sleeping masks are great products, but the Time Freeze is my favorite. It leaves your skin feeling tighter & plumper in the AM & my skin really seems to absorb it as opposed to it just sitting there all gunky all night. I use it once a week. For the Lip Sleeping Mask, I do apply that each night & while it feels really nice & hydrating & smells so so good, I do think there are other options I’ve used that I like just as well that are far more affordable. Like you can’t beat this Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy product & it’s less than $2!! The Laniege product is obviously more luxe, so you can make your decisions accordingly, but I did want to throw that out there!
  3. The Daily Stoic. This book has 366 meditations & really helps me start my day off with a clear, but engaged mind. Each meditation is only one short page so you can read it before your feet even hit the floor. It starts with a quote from Seneca, Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius and is followed up with a thought provoking summation by the author, Ryan Holiday. There is also a journal version, which I do wish I had purchased, & may still yet! If you find yourself reaching for your phone as soon as your eyes open {guilty} this book is an easy swap for a healthier kickoff to your day.
  4. The Gentle Birth app. This applies primarily to pregnant women, BUT there are many meditations in this app for fertility, restful sleep, body acceptance, & even for birth partners! I use it every single night since I started the 3rd trimester. My favorite is the “Confident Pregnancy” hypnosis for falling asleep, but sometimes I’ll use it while I take a long soak in lavender scented epsom salts & listen to some of the labor meditations. I plan to use this during labor as well!

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