Nordtrom Sale Tips & Picks

I feel as though we fall into one of two categories in regards to the annual Nordstrom Sale: “Love it! or “It’s overrated”. If you fall into the latter category, read on for my tips for shopping the sale effectively.


  • Sign up for the Nordstrom credit card. I’m not a huge fan of retail credit cards, but this one is worth it. It will give you early access to the sale which is great because things sell out fast! You will also be placed in a tier based on how much you spend throughout the year. The earliest anyone can shop this year is August 4th. The sale opens to non-cardholders August 19-30.
  • Use the sale as a time to stock up on more expensive items. If you’re unfamiliar with the sale, it’s basically Nordstrom’s fall inventory marked down. Prices on these items will go back up to regular price after the sale. So it’s a great time to buy your sweaters and boots before you need them. I always buy boots and I’m planning on getting these cute Ugg boots for Saige this year too.
  • Preview the sale and create a wish list. If you go to Nordstrom’s website you can get a sneak peek at everything that’s going to be in the sale and even add things to your wish list so when the sale opens, you can just pop everything into your cart and check out!

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