My Favorite Podcasts

It’s 2020. It’s a fresh new year & we’re all supposed to be feeling motivated and starting the year with fresh perspectives and lofty goals. But January doesn’t always feel that way. Between the Holidays hangover and winter blues, This time of year can honestly be anything but motivating. If you’re feeling this way, or even if you’re not, I’ve got a list of my favorite podcasts that I promise will uplift you. These podcasts make me feel driven, inspired, they make me laugh, cry, & educate me! I’d love to hear your favorite podcasts too, so leave them in the comments below or comment on my latest IG post. Thanks!


1. The Tony Robbins Podcast

I’ve been listening to @tonyrobbins & reading his books for the last 6 years. He goes beyond the entrepreneurial/business aspect & really gets into the steps you can take to live your life as the best version of yourself. I recently listened to an episode called “How to free yourself of hurt, anger, and expectations” This resonated so deeply with me because in the last year I’ve really been working on letting go of my expectations of others. When you do this & simultaneously let go of past hurt, you’re free. As Tony says “the person you hurt the most when you don’t forgive is you”

2. The Ed Mylett Show.

I’ve only started listening to @edmylett in last year, but his words have drastically changed my thought patterns. I listen to his episode called “Echo of Life” over & over again because it’s so full of wisdom & reminders that our life is just an echo of the work we put into it. Ed also interviews a lot of influential people, but the one that will always stick with me was with @kaylasteck She discusses her husband’s death due to mental illness & how she now uses her experience to educate others. She truly has to be the strongest person you will ever year speak & I highly recommend listening to that episode.

3. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Show.

I actually started listening to @theskinnyconfidential show after hearing Lauryn & Michael’s episode on Ed Mylett’s podcast. They cover a wide variety of topics & conduct the most thoughtful interviews, but my favorite episodes are any of the ones covering health & wellness. I’ve always been a health conscious person, but this show has brought me so much value & taught me so much about some of the more niche areas of healthy lifestyles.

4. A Drink With James.

I listen to this podcast by James Nord, founder of Fohr, religiously. If you’re involved in the influencer space or social media at all, you should absolutely be listening as well. James deliver honest, straight-forward advice in a no-nonsense way that really resonates with me. His company works with top influencers & brands so you feel confident in the advice as well as his predictions for the future of influencer marketing.

5. How I Built This With Guy Raz.

It’s no secret I’m a huge NPR nerd, so no shocker that I love this podcast! Each episode interviews a successful entrepreneur & deep dives into their journey toward building their product or brand. It’s fascinating to me that although every story is different, there in an underlying theme of tenacity despite obstacles along the way. Start with the episode featuring the man behind “Dave’s Killer Bread”, it’s so inspirational !


6. The SheFactor Podcast.

This podcast from the founders of SheFactor, is the latest addition to my downloads. It features strong females & relatable content. The most recent episode, “New Year, New Decade, New You” interviews Kerry Blair, a personal stylist & re-branding expert. My general take-away from it was that re-branding is really about embracing your true self & growing into that, not trying to be someone else.


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