Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guides have arrived! I personally am just starting my shopping sooo… if you are too, I’ve got you! Men, Women, & Littles are all in this post!

Men’s Gift Guide

Men's Gift Guide '19-2

All of these gifts are things I’ve already purchased for Adam or I know he would love!

  1. My hubby loves this brand and LOVES comfy clothes. These sweat pants are a winner & high quality.
  2. A place to charge all of his gadgets and keep them in ONE PLACE! He’ll love it.
  3. A Mickey Mouse sweatshirt for the Disney Man in your life {definitely my husband} Plus it’s Barefoot Dreams so you know it’s crazy soft {bet you’ll borrow it and forget to return it!}
  4. Fancy popcorn. Enough said.
  5. Adam has been wearing “Happy Socks” for years, but I bought him his first pair of “Happy Socks -Athletic” last Christmas and he’s obsessed.
  6. Who doesn’t want/need a Hydro Flask??
  7. Cool vintagesneakers are always a good idea.
  8. Adam has had these boots for like, 4 years now. Super high quality & he loves wearing them.
  9. I think we can all agree that splashing water on his face is NOT a skincare routine. Make it easy for him with this regiMEN kit. I personally use the SkinMedica brand & swear by it.


Women’s Gift Guide

Women's Gift Guide '19-2.png

Feel free to bring me anything on this list, Santa. Thanks!

  1. The ultimate efficient & chic travel bag.
  2. Timeless sunnies.
  3. A high quality coat that’s extra sweet because it’s pink & on sale!
  4. A charging station that looks pretty & is practical!
  5. This Fromage plate!! I can’t even tell you how gorgeous this entire collection is; black, gold, & French!
  6. Another piece from the collection just so you get the idea…it’s perfect! I want a complete set of these teacups.
  7. The daintiest statement earrings I’ve ever seen.
  8. These flats are crazy chic and the fact that you can swap out the tassels?? I need.
  9. Last Christmas I was gifted a skincare tool & it’s truly one of my favorite things I own. This NUFACE tool is 100% next on the list. The results are actually so good!



Children’s Gift Guide

Kids Holiday Gift Guide '19.png

I call this my “gender neutral kids gift guide that’s not boring junk they will tire of in a day”. Haha…seriously though. I’m not a big fan of all the light-up, noise-making, plastic junk that’s peddled on children. These items are solid though; kids will love them & learn from them.

  1. Saige has had these little safari animals for years and gotten so much joy from them.
  2. This sturdy little wagon will last for years and grow with a child. Saige used it as a push toy when she was a baby and now fills it with her loveys while she plays.
  3. A balance bike is a fantastic gift! We bought this one for Saige for her 3rd birthday and she loved it. It really prepared her for the peddle bike she got this year! Balance bikes teach kids to balance in preparation for a peddle bike instead of the false confidence training wheels.
  4. I buy Saige a pair of Saltwater Sandals every time her foot grows because these are amazing! They are real leather and can be worn in the water and wash off so easily.  They are gender neutral and come in a ton of colors.
  5. A marble run is so great for encouraging kids to think analytically and it’s wooden rather than plastic so it will last forever .
  6. This coding game is for the older kids on your list. It’s such a great skill to pick up and I love that this makes it fun!
  7. I love wooden toys for babies and this wooden beads lacing set is great for encouraging hand eye coordination.
  8. Every kid wants a lovey right? Saige is obsessed with this brand of very soft stuffed animals.
  9. Dino digs will keep your child entertained forever. You’re welcome.
  10. Babiators are basically indestructible and come with a 1 year warranty. Buy them polarized if you can!
  11. A classic game that every kid should have.
  12. I love a fun craft kit that doesn’t come with instructions! Let the imaginations run wild!
  13. These National Geographic Kids books are amazing! The photos are beautiful and they are easy to read for kids just learning.


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