September Favorites


I thought I would bring back my monthly favorites {i haven’t done on in ages} with the close of my favorite month; September. This month we’ve celebrated Labor Day {specifically my favorite weekend of the year because I was born on Labor Day}, my 30th birthday {if you missed “30 Things I’ve Learned In 30 Years” go read it now!}, Saige started pre-K and now goes 5 days a week {omg}, I’ve kicked my work habits and inspiration into high gear, and my sweet baby has turned 5 year’s old!! Tell me below what your favorite September moment was…


September Favorites

Acai Powder

I’m a big fan of smoothies, especially when you can stuff them full of leafy greens & nutrients. I picked up this acai powder and love blending it into my smoothie. Benefits of it include; antioxidants, omega fatty acids, zero sugar, and low calorie.


Probiotic Smoothie Booster

Along the same lines of the acai powder, I’m all for anything that will give my smoothie an added punch. Probiotics are a must for good digestion, gut health, and immunity. I love this powder because it doesn’t add any flavor to the smoothie, just nutrients.


Snake Print Everything

I could take or leave the leopard print trend, but snake print, I love. I probably need to stop buying so many things in it, but really it’s so chic for fall.


Obagi Skincare

I was introduced to this product line through Advanced Aesthetics – Lopez Plastic Surgery and I’m hooked. The Foaming Gel Face Wash and Toner are daily staples I love, but their Professional C line is a must try! I use the serum daily and the microdermabrasion mask weekly.


Chickpea Crumbs

This is a new product I picked up at HEB from the brand WatUSee Foods. I love that the ingredients are so simple – literally just chickpeas! I used them in turkey burgers and they were so good! I’ll be trying the Italian Seasoning chickpea crumbs next week too! Got any recipe ideas for me?


Dry Wash Spray

If you change outfits 3 times a day like me (i wish i was joking lol), you definitely need this product from Love Beauty & Planet‘s home line. Like all of their products, the spray smells amazing and it refreshes those “chair outfits” – the clothes that don’t really need washed but you don’t want to just hang back in the closet with your clean clothes. I’m a fan and I know you’ll love it too.

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