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Saige & Mama’s Epic Summer Road Trip has come to an end and it was indeed, epic. thousands of miles were traveled with a total 9 stops. I tried to make it a point to do things in each place that were unique to that city or state. If you followed our journey on Instagram then you saw the Georgia peach picking and the Louisiana swamp tour. Those were by far our favorite activities {although Saige and I agree that our favorite stop overall was Rosemary Beach}. I saved all of the stories from the trip in 2 highlight reels on my IG page; Road Trippin’ & Road Trip pt 2.

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A lot of you were interested in my road trip tips so I thought I would put them all here so you can save and reference later. Most of these are about road tripping with a little one because, honestly, that’s all I know, but there should be something for everyone here too!  I hope Saige and I can inspire you take an adventure in the future and if we do, please tag me or DM me on Instagram. I would love to see where you go!!

Saige & Mama’s Road Trip Tips:

1. Safety

Get your oil changed and have a mechanic you trust check your car top to bottom {random, but if you live in San Antonio, I cannot recommend Broadway Tire enough! They are always 100% honest with me and I never feel like they are telling me to fix things that don’t need fixed}. Travel with food, water, a flashlight and a backup phone battery at all times. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a key chain pepper spray handy either ladies. I got one at Target, but you can also pick them up at gas stations and some mechanic stores. Also, I never drove at night and never let my low gas light come on.

2. Don’t drive just to get to a destination

Do it for the adventure. Stop when you see billboards for places like “Hold a baby gator” and “Grandpa’s Cheese Barn”. You’ll have so much more fun I promise. Especially if you have a little one with you. Saige would tell me “Mama, my legs need to move” and we would stop every time. I think the fact that she knew we could always stop made her much more content.

3. Audiobooks

Speaking of contentment, this is my very best road trip with kids tip! I swear on this and no one can tell me otherwise. Download the Disney Storyteller Series. Just do it. I promise you. We listened to every single one at least 3 times each. Saige loves them and they kept her entertained and happy the entire time. Thanks to these, I actually never had to bust out the iPad {we try to reserve screen time as our “nuclear option”}. I have the Apple Music subscription so I created a playlist of all the stories and would just hit play at the start of the trip and ta-da! A happy 4 year old. When she would fall asleep I would listen to my own podcasts of course.

4. Target Dollar Spot Items

I use this trick on flights as well and it’s always worked super well. Buy several items from the Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, or even a few new books and but them in a bag separate from the rest of the toys you’re bringing. Saige knows these are the “surprise toys” and I let her choose one before each leg of the journey. These are not expensive items and they don’t even have to be that exciting really. The fact that they are new and you have hyped them up as surprises makes them pretty freaking special to a child.

5. Keep snacks and necessities accessible

I put a laundry basket beside Saige and filled it with toys, a blanket, paper, crayons and few snacks so she could access it by herself at any point in the trip. Of course I had snacks in the front seat for myself as well!

6. Leave early

I cannot stress this one enough. If you have 5 hours or more of driving to do leave early! I shoot for 5:30/6 am. I pull Saige out of bed and plop her into the car in her jammies. She usually goes back to sleep and then we’ll stop for breakfast around 7:30 or 8. There is almost no one else on the road at 5:30 in the morning so you can zip right out of town without hitting traffic and arrive at your destination with a good chunk of your day in front of you.

7. Stay organized

The best part of road tripping over flying is that you can bring pretty much as many bags as you want! I tried to keep these bags super organized so I always knew where everything was. Of course, at one point in my trip it did seem like everything had somehow fallen into disarray and I had to take an hour to sit and figure it all out. I packed mine and Saige’s things in separate bags, had a bag for shoes, and a bag for beach stuff. I also recommend bringing a small pouch for all electronic chargers and keeping them in there anytime they are not plugged into the wall. I was so worried I would forget my phone charger somewhere, but this kept them really organized.

8. Do it!

I don’t care who says you shouldn’t or who thinks that as a woman, or a mom, or a single person, you can’t/it’s not safe. You’ll be fine. You’ll have an amazing time. Do it!


Happy Travels,

Gretchen & Saige

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