My NPR Interview

Kids imagine a lot of things for their grown up selves; fighting fires, becoming a princess, or if you’re Saige, a light teller ( if you didn’t know, that’s the tiny person who resides in traffic lights, changing the colors. She desperately wants to be one). I probably wanted to do most of those things as a child as well, but one thing I thought would be reeeaaally cool was if I could be on National Public Radio. I was an NPR kid, listening to it in the car with my mom when we would drive to school, and I loved it. Fast forward to now, I’m a 29 year old wife, mother & entrepreneur and I received an email to be interviewed on NPR about micro influencing! I don’t know if everyone would be as pumped as I was about it but man, was I really excited. I was being interviewed by Jasmine Garsd who is based in NYC so I went into the Texas Public Radio studios here in San Antonio. See below for some delightfully nerdy photos of me living my best life.

You can listen to or read the piece here. I think overall, I love it, though I do wish there was more of a positive spin on social media. I talked to the reporter a lot about how much I care about my followers, and view y’all as friends and how much I love being able to serve you with my blog. That wasn’t the angle of the article so I totally get why it wasn’t included, but just so you know… I freakin’ love you!

The article quotes a professor of PR and social media as saying in regards to social media, “…it becomes so important for people to be liked and appreciated, that they have to live another person’s life.” I get what he’s saying, absolutely it’s easy to get wrapped up in platforms such as Instagram, and the pressure to be exciting, and you start comparing your life to someone else, BUT should the blame for our insecurities be put on social media and the accounts we’re following or should we actually be acknowledging those feelings of self doubt and addressing them separately. I’m pretty sure we all have insecure moments when we compare our successes to other’s, but I’m certain that we’re not the first generation to feel this way, so instead of saying “social media makes us this way”, lets take responsibility for our own selves and self worth. Let’s look inward, acknowledge our awesomeness and remind ourselves that other’s success doesn’t diminish our own. Social media is what we make it and I want it to be a positive uplifting place, don’t you agree?

Another topic I wanted to touch on since it wasn’t covered in the article, is that although yes, I do get paid for the campaigns I run, I do NOT promote anything that I don’t stand behind. I turn down collaborations every single day that don’t align with my mission statement and that won’t bring value to the lives of my audience. I have returned products before that didn’t do what they advertise to do (I’m looking at you magical teeth whitening potion that I see advertised by other influencers daily) because I would never want to lose your trust. Only the best for you, promise!



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