La Jolla, CA

During our recent trip to California, we made a stop by La Jolla and I’m so glad we did! The same thing happens every time I travel; I see a new place, fall deeply in love, and proclaim to be moving there asap. Typically these places are by the sea, idyllic, and desirable by essentially everyone so I’m not particularly original. La Jolla fit the bill perfectly. We went there one evening for dinner at George’s At The Cove and this is where the love affair began. Nothing, I mean nothing, will make me fall in love faster than a spectacular ocean sunset accompanied by good food and cocktails. If you go, make sure you make a reservation for the 2nd level right at sunset and definitely order the tuna tartar!

The next morning we hightailed it back and spent the day walking along the coast. It was a little overcast to start the day and a tad chilly, but perfect regardless. Our first stop, per Saige’s request, was to see the seals. Since we were there at the beginning of May, the seal pups were still there, sun bathing on the beach and they were absolutely adorable. We watched them for awhile then walked out to see the adult seals swimming in the waves and fighting for a spot on the rocks.

Saige loves to hike, but it doesn’t count unless there is climbing involved so we let her scramble up the paths for while and strolled the wild flower-lined paths. The views are gorgeous here and it wasn’t crowded at all. As I said, idyllic, and I’m moving in immediately!

Another super fun thing that I recommend if you have little ones, or just aren’t feeling adventurous enough to kayak or dive, is the Sunny Jim Cave. It’s a manmade tunnel/staircase that goes from inside The Cave Store all the way down to a sea cave. It’s actually a really fun experience and such an easy way to experience the sea cave. The cost to go down is only $5 and definitely worth it in my opinion.

After the sea cave, the sun had come out so we hiked a little further down the coast, enjoying more views and and flowers and watching the snorkelers down below. Before we left La Jolla, we stopped for lunch at Brockton Villa. It’s the cutest little seaside restaurant that almost reminded me of a little place in a little fishing town in New Zealand we went to a few years ago called “Fleur’s Place”. It was built in 1894 as a beach vacation home. The shell-inlaid fireplace is original to the home and absolutely stunning. The food was perfection as well. I had a lobster roll and green tea and felt like I never wanted to leave!


If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to my Instagram page and watch my latest IGTV episode. It’s a fun recap of our day in La Jolla!

Let me know where you’ve been that made you want to uproot your life and move there, I’m always looking for places to add to my travel list!



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