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I took a poll on my Instagram, asking if people do gifts for Valentine’s Day or not and most of you said “yes” (I’m definitely not one to turn down an opportunity for presents either!). There is so much cute stuff out for Valentine’s Day so I rounded up a bunch of my favorites for you to shop for yourself, your valentine, galentine, mini valentine, OR to send as a hint dropper!

Im also sharing a more casual VDay look that you can shop by scrolling to the bottom of this post. Saige and I had so much fun taking these photos, and I just love how her sassy little personality shines through in them!


VDAY Gift guide for her 2019



1. Lists To Love By – There is a corresponding book to this for husbands. Each chapter is a short easy read and a great thing to read with your partner in the evening to keep your marriage strong.

2. Rebecca Minkoff Heart Watch – This watch is such a fun and beautiful piece to add to your Valentine’s Day look and after!

3. Tiffany T Two ring – Because who doesn’t want to receive a little blue box!

4. MacKenzie Childs heart bowl – This item is definitely a splurge, but have you seen a cuter piece??

5. Gold Bar Cart – A cute bar cart is essential. I’ve seen people decorate it differently for the holidays, like a hot cocoa bar for Christmas, etc.

6. Heart Jammies – For all of you who vote for staying in on Valentine’s Day!

7. Ray Ban Rose Sunglasses – I low-key have never wanted anything more in my life. Jk jk… but really, they’re gorgeous!

8. GG Marmont Mini – This bag is stunning. That’s all.

9. Bose Bluetooth Headphones – Ear buds can be great, but I love a real set of headphones that aren’t falling out all the time. These also fold flat so are great for travel.

10. Jade Roller – A jade roller is a great way to apply your products and rejuvenate your skin. Keep it in the fridge for an extra refreshing feel.

11. Tory Burch Sandals – How perfect will these be for spring??

12. Instax Mini – These little cameras are so much fun. I love taking quick little snaps of Saige to send to family and for Adam to put on his desk at work. I’ve also used it at showers for a fun guest book.



Valentine's Day For Him-4





VDAY Gifts for KIDS-2



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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