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Gift Guide for Kids

I adore Christmas and giving gifts, but it’s easy to get carried away. Especially since Saige is an only child! Adam and I try to stick to the 5 gift rule: Something she wants, needs, reads, and wears. I feel like this makes kids more appreciative of what they have which will hopefully translate into a gracious giving adult life! Often times it ends up being a few more than 5 gifts, but not much more. We also like to encourage her to donate some of her older toys around Christmastime. This usually goes over pretty well with her, but if there is something she just can’t part with, we obviously don’t make her give it away. Usually there is a second round of donations after Christmas because it’s a lot easier for a 4 year old to part with old toys once the new ones roll in!

I have created a list of toys that would make great gifts for the little one on your list. These are things that I have bought for Saige, will in the future, or have my eye on. We try to do lots of STEM toys and less electronics so you’ll see a lot of interactive things on here. Also, I love to gift experiences. Some ideas include:

  • Annual membership (We have the zoo, an art museum, and a culture museum membership. These are so great when it’s too hot to go outside here in TX.)
  • Little Passports . This is an AMAZING monthly subscription box for kids. You can choose based on age and topic. There is “Early Explorers” featuring a different theme each month (dinos, outer space, etc), “World Edition” which showcases a different country every month, “USA Edition” that includes 2 states a month, and “Science”, filled with cool experiments and activities!
  • A painting class. A lot of the adult painting places like “Pinot’s Palette” offer kids classes in the afternoon.
  • Get creative! Make up a day just for your child that includes their favorite foods, games, places, and activities.

Manipulative Toys

I’m pretty sure these Picasso Tiles were Saige’s FAVORITE gift of 2018! She got them for her birthday from her Nana and honestly has played with them almost every single day since. They are much cheaper than the original Magna Tiles, but I notice no difference in quality. Also, they are 50% off right now!

These are so cheap and make a great stocking stuffer. We love using them at restaurants to keep her entertained.

Right now Saige’s art shelf is a complete mess and totally unorganized so this is going  in the need category. I can’t wait to give this to her for Christmas this year and see how excited she gets!

What kid doesn’t love slime? I love this because it’s interactive and they can make it themselves instead of just giving slime. I plan on boxing this up along with all the ingredients needed!


Books are always a great gift, no matter the age. I love the “ordinary people change the world” series because she can learn about historical figures in an age appropriate way, and of course anything about female empowerment is a win! “Princesses Wear Pants” is especially cute and one of Saige’s favorites.


Games make a great family gift. When I was a kid, we got a new one almost every year. We have the Disney Chutes and Ladders which we play all the time, and the Duck Game. I think Saige may have outgrown that one a little but she still gets it out. I don’t know a lot about the squirrel game, but her school has it and I’ve heard rave reviews from her.

Something They’ll Wear

I think a coat is always a great idea if they don’t already have a nice one. Tennis shoes are nice as well because they go through them so quickly.

Something fun could come into this category as well, like a cape or princess dress they’ve been wanting (Saige would LOVE this dinosaur cape!).

These are the BEST kids’ sunnies ever. They are polarized which is a really big deal for kids’ sensitive eyes. A lot of the sunglasses targeted towards children actually do more damage rather than protect because they are not polarized but shaded so kids will look right into the sunlight. Saige had a pair from 3 months-4 years old and they held up so well. We just bought her the next size up and she loves them.

LOVE these headphones. Saige calls them her “ear louders” and we get compliments on them every time she uses them (we only use them fro restaurants and flights). I love them because the volume can only go up to a certain level so they won’t cause hearing damage.

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