JBL Link 10

Alright, summer may not officially be over but the business of fall has definitely set in. School is back in session, summer trips are over, work schedules are picking up steam, and we could all probably use a little assistance during this transition. I have been using the JBL link 10 from Verizon for about a month and I am in loooove with it. For me, I have been incorporating it into my morning routine with Saige. She started pre-K recently and although she is loving it, that means our previously slow mornings are a little more scheduled than before.

My favorite features include:

  • The alarm feature. I love that I can ask Google to set an alarm for anytime in the future and she’s on it! I try to write everything down but sometimes I don’t have the time right at that moment. Now I can easily say “Hey google set an alarm to grab Saige’s snack bag at 10:45” Boom! no more forgotten to-do’s.
  • Kinda tying into the alarm feature is the timer. if you’re anything like me, you set about 10 timers per day. Sometimes they are for myself while making dinner or even doing an at-home workout. But soooommmmetimes they are less fun…like timeouts because Saige pulled our poor dog’s tail AGAIN (She swears she’s doing it out of love). I’ve also used it for “10 more minutes until bath time”
  • We love to play music in our house. Everything from Taylor Swift dance parties to Frank Sinatra tunes. The JBL Link 10 has ammmaaaazing sound quality and it’s portable and durable so I don’t have to worry about Saige carrying it from room to room. You can link it up with spotify or google play and even request it to make playlists for you!
  • Ready for my favorite time saving feature?? It can read the news to you! My morning routine always includes staying up-to-date on the latest news. Since we do have a little less time in the mornings now, I can easily say “Hey Google, read me the top article from today on NPR” and then my very own assistant literally reads the news to me while I’m making breakfast. Invaluable. I’m in love.

A few other things it can do is read your entire daily schedule to you, answer questions like “how long will it take me to drive to Austin, Tx”, tell you the weather for the day, and it can even be linked up with your nest home security system! 

Set up is very easy once you download the Google Home app and it is, of course, completely bluetooth and hands free. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to drop me a comment below!


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