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DIY Sequin Hat

Ya’ll, it’s August! But don’t write off summer yet! You can still squeeze in another beach getaway or clock in some pool time before PSLs and cute boots completely take over! And if you’re poolside or beaching it, you’re definitely going to want this super cute DIY sequin hat! I’ve seen them everywhere this summer with all kinds of cute little phrases on them. Check out my photos below to see how I made my own for under $11 (if you already have a sun hat you can use then it’s under $2!)

What you need :

  • Sequins
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Sun hat

I found these sequins at Target in the dollar spot. They had gold, silver, pink, and blue!

I used a sun hat I already had

but Target also had really cute sun hats in the dollar spot for only $5!

Start with your Sharpie and write your name, mrs., bride, or whatever cute phrase you want. Make sure to use big flowy writing. I wish I had made my letters a bit bigger so don’t be nervous, just go for it!

Next take your thread, needle and sequins and start sewing the sequins right over top of your writing. It’s that easy!

The hardest part is really just the amount of time it takes to sew, but it’s not difficult and you can do it while binge watching something fun 📺

Enjoy your pretty hats and the last few weeks of summer lovelies!


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