Old Navy Mommy and Me Styles

It's been COLD in Texas this week! As low as 44 at one point which is basically winter weather here. My cold weather wardrobe has dwindled over the past few years (no need for sweaters when you live on a tropical island!) and Saige's is non-existent so we popped into Old Navy today to set… Continue reading Old Navy Mommy and Me Styles


Easy Fall Looks

It has been raining a lot here in Texas and today the temperature finally dropped! It was only 71 degrees at one point which is a HUGE change from the triple digit temps. I realize it's not really *cold*, but that didn't stop me from pulling out my boots and sweaters! I think the easiest… Continue reading Easy Fall Looks


JBL Link 10

Alright, summer may not officially be over but the business of fall has definitely set in. School is back in session, summer trips are over, work schedules are picking up steam, and we could all probably use a little assistance during this transition. I have been using the JBL link 10 from Verizon for about… Continue reading JBL Link 10


August Favorites

September is here!! Honestly my favorite month of the year! I love that it's still summer but all the fun fall stuff is coming out (looking at you pumpkin spice!), there is always a last minute getaway planned, my daughter and I both have September birthdays, and it's the kickoff month for all the best… Continue reading August Favorites

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GNO Outfit

Who doesn't love a fun girl's night out?! This past weekend I was able to go out with a girlfriend and wore this outfit. I am completely obsessed with the ruffles and flirty hemline. And I love that the colors hint at fall without being all sweaters and boots because let's be honest, Texas is… Continue reading GNO Outfit


July Favorites

I have mixed feelings about July being over...first of all it was a tough month. We had so much work done on the house and it hasn't all been hired out. A lot of it was with my own two hands and to be perfectly honest...home renovation is not exactly my calling in life. Also,… Continue reading July Favorites


Summer Sangria

It's hot in Texas. Like really really hot. Triple digits hot. Im not complaining though because I would hands down rather live somewhere where it gets scorching hot than anywhere I need snow boots and an ice scraper. There are lots of ways to beat the heat...right now I'm trying to convince my husband we… Continue reading Summer Sangria

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Say No to Plastic Straws

This is not my typical blog post on here. And I am NOT writing it to shame anyone or make you feel bad about yourself. This is something I feel very strongly about and have for a while so I wanted to be able to share it with you all as part of my new… Continue reading Say No to Plastic Straws


Lavender Scones

A few days ago, Saige and I took advantage of our upcoming move, using it as an excuse to have a bakethon! Obviously we can't take all of our pantry items from Hawaii to Texas so we were more than happy to whip up a bunch of baked goods! One of my absolute favorite things… Continue reading Lavender Scones


Maui Recap

This month something unprecedented happened. Something I did not think I would be ready for in years/maybe never...I took a trip with my husband without our 3 1/2 year old! It was the perfect time for it, and Saige actually did very well...and so did Mama! I originally had my heart set on a trip to Bali,… Continue reading Maui Recap